How to Get Your CDL

Here is how you get your CDL License. Class A and B. If you are looking to start a truck driving career, then you will need this special CDL license in order to drive larger vehicles.

Step 1 - Pick The Right School (CDL Training)

Time - CDL training is REQUIRED, some schools get it down in 2 weeks, some   2 months.
Money - Not all CDL Schools are free. Expect to pay between $100 to $6,000 for schooling
Employment - Some schools can get you a job right after graduation.
Location - Some schools are close, but sometimes the best CDL schools are far away.
Training - Make sure the CDL School you choose has actual driving time/miles in the truck.
Reputation - Schools that have been around for a while and have good trainers are the best.

Step 2 - Pass the CDL License Test

Most driving jobs, bigger trucks, require a CDL license. This special license will allow you to drive 18 wheelers and other delivery trucks. The CDL test is not too hard, but it does require studying, reading, and practicing. Click here for our easy CDL practive test.

Step 3 - Driving For The First Time

Whether you have driven big rigs before or it's your first time at CDL School, get use to driving those big wheels. Driving should come to you after a few weeks. Practice backing, turning, stopping, parking, safety, etc.  The more you learn through experience the better a driver you will be. Get as many miles and experience you can get to land your first job. 

Step 4 - Landing Your First Driving Job

Your first job won't always be the ideal job. Most first jobs as a driver will be OTR (over-the-road) and you will be out driving for weeks or days at a time. This is usually the entry-level job. Put in the time and grind to get the job/career you want later. Depending on your CDL school, you might have some options of which trucking company to work with after graduation. Do research online and talk to other drivers. Call trucking companies to see what they offer (benefits, pay, reputation, bonuses, and HOW THEY TREAT THEIR DRIVERS).

Now you are ready with your CDL in hand.