Central Refrigeration, Inc.

 2 out of 5 stars 

To help every employee achieve personal and financial success, Central provides a career plan that includes you wherever you are in you advancement; trainee, company driver, independent contractor, team drivers, lease operator or lease trainer. In turn, Central Refrigerated gains highly motivated, safe and productive team partners who are dedicated to our success and our goal of being the best reefer motor carrier in the transportation industry.


"A typical day at work would be waiting for a load, delivering the load or picking up a load, driving 500-600 miles per day, granted I had load, and hoping by the end of the week to have enough miles to pay our bills or even get a paycheck. My co-workers were cool. Good people. The hardest part of the job was getting the loads necessary to make a living "

"I went through the training program for 6 weeks to get my CDL class A. I liked the trainer and it was a good program. They did not tell me upfront how much of my own money I would be spending, and how little I would be getting paid. I enjoyed traveling and seeing all the different states, but between paying my licensing costs and all my own food"

"What the company tells you and the actual experience of working for them is night and day."

"Would not recommend no one to this company, not a good company to work for..."

"Ouch! 65 years old and nerver been treated this badly, by any company. I wanted to drive instead of retiring and connected with Austin Carpenter,a recruiter for Central Refrigerated Service, Inc. After a week or so of on-line forms. DMV checks, and background checks I was cleared to go to their training in Salt Lake City. I told Austin, that I did not want to go 2000 miles away and have their physical and not pass for some reason, and asked if I could get a DOT physical locally so I would be sure. I paid and passed the physical and the recruiter said over and over you're covered just get on the bus everything will be fine. " -Ken

"You don't, Central Refrigerated is in Us district court in California in front of US judge Virginia Phillips. Pick up last issue of Landline magazine and read about it. I wouldn't be going to work for them." -Jseney

Pay During Training:

  • $375 for weeks 1 & 2
  • $425 for weeks 3-4
  • $450 for week 5

Cost of Training/Tuition:

  • $1,500 with 1year commitment
  • No commitment is between $3,000 to $5,000

Length of School:

  • 2-3 weeks School
  • 3-5 weeks of Training

Online Conversations:

By: Devin Hutchings